How Google Tests Software by James A. Whittaker, Jason Arbon and Jeff Carollo


When I was on vacation towards the end of last year, I wanted to read a book that would help me along the path to become a better software tester. With that in mind, I chose How Google Tests Software and learned how a giant search company keeps software testing in-line with development practices.

For content, the book is divided into five sections: Introduction to Google Software Testing, The Software Engineer in Test, The Test Engineer, The Test Manager and Improving How Google Tests Software. This book serves two audiences: Those looking to learn from the test processes that define how Google tests its software, and to Nooglers (new Google employees) who need a launch point for learning about testing activities. Although the first four chapters serve both groups, the last section is more angled at the Nooglers. There are appendices at the back that show sample documentation for the described test processes.

This book approaches the major themes and concepts of testing activities at Google, and occasionally dips into more detailed information, such as tools that were developed or specifics of a task, like a brief glimpse into repo branching or the workflow of a Software Engineer in Test. What I learned from it is

  • The value of manual testers to solve specific problems
  • How prevalent coding is in all testing roles
  • Where automated tests can validate different parts of a system
  • Where a tester can develop tools and frameworks that help developers in their testing activities
  • How no one has it right and we all struggle with different problems

I’d recommend that testers read this book to get a look at how another company tests software. I learned things from it that I want to incorporate in my work and chances are others will too.


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