PAX East 2013

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PAX East represents the best in gaming for me.  PAX East 2013 will be our third PAX and each year it gets better.

The first year we went as a family and split our time between family outings and the convention.  Last year we went as a couple, spent the first day doing some tourist activities and spent time between relaxing at the hotel and the convention.  It was a time to spend time as spouses instead of parents, and we found that we were able to meet more people and do more.  When the opportunity came up to order badges for PAX East 2013, we decided to go back and make it our yearly vacation to recharge as a couple, relax and do some forward thinking.

There’s a lot going on at PAX and although you can understand that and you can choose what you want to focus on, it really takes the experience of the convention to understand what that means.  For us it means getting the PAX East scarf, spending time in the handheld lounge and enjoying the friendliness of the gamers we meet.  Year over year we get less concerned about the swag, the merch and the hype surrounding some of the games, and more excited about the people.

So far some of our highlights were being taken under the wing of Lexi and Joe for an evening of wandering around Boston, bumping into Tycho in the Tabletop area, talking with Luke Crane and D. Vincent Baker and buying their games, playing games together in the handheld lounge, a family dinner at Durgin Park, and playing Yomi on the floor of the Queue Room with Tom and Sarah.  I’ve come to appreciate how introverted I am, what drains me and what recharges me, which has helped in focusing our itinerary.

I’ll take another crack at writing a post close to PAX East, once we’ve started to firm up our itinerary and some of the games and vendors have been announced.


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